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Say Thank You!

I get this question often. Whether or not you should send a "thank you" to those who have interviewed you. I mean you already said thank you and shook hands at the end of the interview, right? Well, it wouldn't hurt. Overall, I think it depends on the person. If you are the type that wants to show your gratitude, and furthermore, leave a lasting impression - feel free to send a thank you. How do you even send a thank you?

You can have a couple of thank you notes on standby, ready to give at the end of the interview. Although that may seem generic, it's still a nice gesture. Or you can save a tree and ask for their email address(es) for any additional questions you may have, and from there send a thank you. You never want to tell them that you are asking for their contact information strictly to send a thank you email. Therefore, to request their information for "additional questions" is suitable. If the employer has all communication regarding the interview or additional questions go through a specific person such as a Recruiter, feel free to secure their contact information so they can forward your message.

Emailing a thank you is still personable and highly recommended in my opinion. You will have to be mindful of the time you send the email. Sending a couple of hours after the interview is fine, preferably during business hours. A late night email, an extremely early morning email or an email sent over the weekend can be concerning to the employer. Speaks to your behavior, rationale and/or choices. Overall, time is important. When someone takes time to interview you, it's always nice to express your appreciation.


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