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Employer Services

As an organization, any assistance to help facilitate the growth of your business is essential to us as well. We remove the time-consuming administrative duties such as payroll, benefits enrollment, workers' compensation and unemployment claims so that you can focus on your business.

Today, more and more businesses need to utilize their time to focus on business strategies to help keep them relevant and competitive.

That is where Luminous shines its brightest. As our motto states, it is more than just HR.  It is about providing partnership and support where needed to help our clients grow.

HR Consulting

Some people like to take matters into their own hands. At Luminous HR Services we appreciate and fully support those who would like to sharpen their skills in the workplace on their own time.


We have enriched HR Consulting services geared towards: leadership and management coaching; streamling processes and procedures; and tips to help you maximize the flow of your business. We work together to identify any barriers you are encountering and ways to grow through those obstacles, together.

Business Meeting
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