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Go Now?!

The key to achieving your goals, your absolute first step is to S.T.A.R.T. Stop, Think, Act, Review and Trust the process. You have to put actions to your words and do these steps in order to succeed. I remember starting my business under the name NexLevel Consultations years ago. I had done minimal research and did not register the name however I gained traction by servicing people for a low price and at times gave freemiums. Present day I've grown stronger personally and professionally and decided to put my Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management to full use for myself. I decided to expand my efforts by utilizing my skills of almost 10 years of managerial experience, degrees and my genuine love for helping people by starting my own business: Luminous Career Consulting, LLC.

In the workplace I recall having minimal assistance with knowing how to conduct myself. For the most part, I thought simply doing a "good job" was enough. Unfortunately no one tells you about the interaction that has to take place, about being your own brand and how to truly imprint yourself on the world through your words and actions.

My only reference was television shows that showed powerful people being perfect and making what I felt were "boss moves"

In the midst of securing my Masters degree in Human Resources Management I was given the vision of truly and formally starting a business. I had to ask myself: Start a business during a pandemic while going to school and working at a corporate job?! Me?! But the feeling to GO NOW was so strong that I had to make moves. I felt compelled. I could not sleep due to thinking about the necessary steps I needed to take. The clientele and need to help people continued to grow as well. As soon as the sun came up one day I just went full fledged with applying for my business after securing a name. I set up a business bank account, set-up social media platforms and started Quickbooks to receive payments and practically set the stage to welcome my business to blossom even more.

I believe it was the best decision I made because I took a leap to trust myself. Within weeks I was offered the opportunity to service two organizations that needed my services along with continuing my individual career and management consulting services with professionals.

Scary? Yes. Preparation needed? Of course. Worth it? Absolutely!

So here's to taking the first step to S.T.A.R.T. and make things happen for yourself. That voice that you may continue to ignore, don't. Please listen up and ensure you are doing the number one thing you can do... LISTEN TO YOURSELF.

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